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High Efficiency / Ultra Quiet

Heat & Cool Pumps

HEAT your pool in the winter and
COOL your pool in the summer!


Ultra Quiet Design

Gulfstream® heat pumps are designed for excellence in performance, silence, and endurance. Gulfstream pool heat pumps come in Heat Only and Heat & Cool models. Gulfstream® pool heat pumps contain a pure titanium Turbo Heat Exchanger, meaning this component is impervious to corrosion. The scroll compressor and fan blade design make this a very quiet pool heat pump.

Exceptional Performance & Efficiency
Gulfstream offers quiet, powerful, efficient heat pumps for swimming pools that are AHRI Certified. These heat pumps have state of the art technology and LCD Readout Controls. Gulfstream revolutionized heat pump technology by being the first in the industry to utilize titanium in their heat exchangers, which changed the industry standards. The all-titanium heat exchangers will never corrode or wear out and come with a lifetime warranty. The Gulfstream pool heat pump features a spa timer for automatic shutoff after use and the quietest scroll compressor manufactured.

The Most Efficient Pool Heater in the World

Gulfstream™ revolutionized heat pump technology. GulfStream was first in the industry to utilize titanium in our heat exchangers and changed the industry standards. The GulfStream Hi-E Series of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps has done it again with our exclusive, specially designed state of the art TXV (Thermal Expansion Valve). It has been optimized for R-410A Refrigerant to precisely regulate the flow of refrigerant through our patent pending coil to achieve maximum efficiency especially at lower temperatures, allowing lower cost of operation. The results are MORE HEAT FOR LESS MONEY . . . MAKING GULFSTREAM THE MOST EFFICIENT POOL HEAT PUMP IN THE WORLD.

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